Once and a while I’ll pick up a CD having little knowledge of the band or artist. Quruli’s 2002 album “The World Is Mine” is a example of this. The blend of Alternative Rock, Techno and House elements helps in providing the mellow yet upbeat sound.

It started in September 1996 at Ritsumeikan University’s music club, where Shigeru Kishida (vocals, guitar), Masashi Satō (bass), and Nobuyuki Mori (drums) formed the band. The name “Quruli,” a onomatopoeic word expressing rotation, was taken from a sign in the Kyoto subway. After two EP’s on the indie label Bad News Records, the band’s first major released was the single “Tokyo” in October 1998. Tasshin Omura (guitar) joined them in 2001 and Nobuyuki Mori left the band in 2002. On March of the year, they played on the stage of SXSW (South by Southwest Festival) in Austin, Texas for the first time and went on a Japan tour where they played in 45 halls (incl. Nippon Budokan) from April to July. On October 2004, American drummer Christopher McGuire left the band. Shigeru and Masashi formed an outside project called “SINGER SONGER” with a female vocalist Cocco in 2005.

In July 2006, they released “Tower of Music Lover” marking the band’s 10-year anniversary. The album reached 3rd on the Oricon charts. In the end of 2006 Tasshin Omura left the band. A new drummer Yuya Kikuchi joined Quruli as a support player in the beginning of 2007 and they moved to Vienna, Austria for the recording of their 18th EP (JUBILEE) and 7th album (Tanz Walzer). It is the first time a Japanese band has recorded in Austria.

Here is the video for “World’s End Supernova”


~ by joesushi on August 31, 2007.

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